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The Way We Work With You

Harmony, Generosity, Delight

Our values arise from our deep and powerful desire to bring real value to you. We want to do more than help build solutions with you, we want to deliver way beyond your expectation and surprise you with the professionalism and quality of what we do.

We commit to you, and we keep our commitments. Our team brings decades of management experience in global companies, enabling us to make learning “real life”.  We listen, we flex, we suggest, we commit, we deliver.  We believe that your knowledge of your business, along with our knowledge of approaches, is the key to success.

We believe in an intricate bonding between your experts and ours, to ensure that solutions are appropriate, timely, effective and, ultimately, surprisingly delightful.


Understanding: We seek to understand your aims.
Affinity: We value close working relationships.
Commitment: We make promises and we keep them.


Value Add: We go the extra mile.
Positivity: We apply full commitment and energy.
Endeavour: We work hard to reach the optimal solution.


Simplicity: We design simple and straight-forward solutions.
Achievement: We establish an atmosphere of success for all.
Satisfaction: We aim to exceed expectation.

Our Approach

Pedagogy: “the method and practice of teaching”

We make learning memorable. Using our unique Goodfoot Pedagogy we ensure that there is recall of learned skills where it really matters: namely in the workplace when ‘real-life’ takes over.